Buying right windows and doors - is that so easy? 2020-08-27

Buying right windows and doors - is that so easy?

We often have conversations with people outside the industry or even potential people who would like to work with us. At some point, the question is: "what is so complicated in selling and installing windows?".


Let's start with the windows and doors themselves. Example from this week - a customer wanted to order an entrance door. He gave the direction - right. He handed out the opening side - outward opening. What he didn't know was that he was specifying the opening side of the wrong side! If the door opens outwards, it should stand outside! Fortunately, the layout of the architecture outside does not have a large impact on ergonomics for this client, so in the end it does not matter. It is worse if such a situation occurs when it is impossible to use such a door. It is always better to ask us about such things - we will be happy to help, advise or catch such mistakes.


The second thing is the law. People from outside the industry do not know that the choice of carpentry is strictly regulated by the Construction Law, and more specifically the Technical Conditions to be met by buildings and their location. In Appendix 2 in Table 1.2, we have given the exact coefficients that should have in our windows. Theoretically, the seller is not obliged to inform about it, it is the investor's responsibility to select the elements that comply with the applicable requirements. On our part, we often try to inform the client about it, although in the end the client decides.


The third point is assembly. Here the matter is really complicated, because not everything, especially in Poland, is formulated in the letter of the law. More and more often, airtight assembly is used, which assumes that the window and the assembly layer are completely cut off from the weather conditions, and also protects the assembly layer against rising eg moisture. We can choose from expanding tapes, vapor barrier tapes, EPDM foils, etc. In most cases, the customer ultimately decides what to do at the construction site. The exception is Germany, where airtight installation (mounting on RAL) is defined in their Construction Law.


Of course, these are just a few examples. You can search for much more: profile selection, protection against weather conditions, fire resistance, smoke-tightness, statics, types of fittings and their application possibilities, and even the possibility of connecting to an alarm system, the use of self-cleaning or tinting glass, etc. to advise our client and to make the best woodwork that meets the client's needs

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